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Aerial Installation for Digital TV in Tunbridge Wells


Television Aerials

Installation of aerials for the reception of digital television signals in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area.

We can install a complete new aerial system or upgrade your exsiting Aerial installation for Digital Television, such as Freeview, BT and YourView.


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Aerial Distribution

We can distribute your television signal throughout your house, usually with a distribution amplifier installed in a loft or cupboard, you are not restricted to the number of rooms you can supply with television signal from a single aerial.


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Multiple Occupancy Properties

Communal System Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Distribution Systems for Flats, Apartment Blocks, Communal Living, and Care Homes 


Cummunal SystemsInstallation of Dish and Aerial systems for 'Multiple Occupancy Properties', we install distribution systems for blocks of flats and apartments, these maybe just a few flats in a converted house or a larger complex, we can advise and offer a no obligation quote to upgrade or install a new system.


Dishes are available to serve Sky and Freesat, with and Aerial to serve Freeview (Digital Television), these are then connected to a distribution system and fed to each flat offering a wall plate to connect either your satellite box or digital television.


We are happy to deal with builders, property developers and management committees to discuss options and quote for the appropriate system.


Communal systems are the best way to connect multiple properties to a single dish and aerial, this does away with the unsightly mess of multiple dish and aerials covering the walls and roof.


Please call DHTech for further information.


Multi Room TV

Multi Room TV Distribution Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Freesat, Sky, Freeview, Foreign Satellite 


Multi Room TVThere a several option with regards to having television in multiple rooms, it can depend if you what to watch different channels on each TV or have the TV's display the same channel at the same time.


We will discuss the best option for your budget and take in to consideration any existing wiring and equipment you have installed, the information below will outline some of the options you have.


We can distribute almost any signal whether it's from Freeview, Sky, Freesat and even DVD/Blu Ray players.


Freeview: This in most cases is the cost effective solution, we can take feeds for a new or existing aerial and feed them through a distribution splitter or amplifier to service as many rooms as required, a digital enabled television or digital box would be required at each point. Most TV's purchased in the last 5 years will be digital ready.


Freesat:There are a couple of options when if come to distributing Freesat, you can either take another feed from the dish, outputs allowing and connect directly in to your Freesat enabled TV, or you can install a Freesat Box. The second option is to install a modulator and take a feed directly from the output of the Freesat box, you can then install a magic eye to control the box remotely, the only down side to this option is that both TV's would only be able to view the same channel at the same time and not different channels.


Sky: Distribution of Sky is much the same as Freesat, either another feed from the dish and an additional Sky box or distribution from (RF2) on the Sky box itself, the modulator is already built in to most Sky boxes, again the down side to this option is that both TV's would only be able to view the same channel at the same time and not different channels.


HD: Distribution of HD signal can be accomplished by using HDMI splitters or Matrix boxes, this can then be distributed over HDMI cables, or Cat5/6 with HDMI convertors.


For more information and a free no obligation quote, please contact us directly.



TV Aerial Distribution Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Wolsey 4 Way DA

DHTech can install additional points throughout your home or business  from a new or existing aerial, the cable can either be run internally or externally, whichever is the neatest and most cost effective option. You may require a distribution amplifier, these are available in multiple configurations depending on how many rooms you are feeding.

Each new point can either be a cable directly to the television or alternatively you can have a wall plate installed.
The distribution amp is usually best installed in the loft, garage or cupboard and the additional feeds are then cabled from this point around the property.


Powered Distribution Amplifier
Distribution Amplifier needs to be installed internally in your home; this can either be in a loft or cupboard but requires a mains power socket. Usual configurations are 4, 8, 12, 16 Way depending on the number of televisions you wish to use.

Passive Splitter
Passive Splitters can be used if you have sufficient incoming signal strength or an amplifier already installed 2,4,6,8 Way distributions.

Masthead Amplifier
The masthead amplifier boosts the signal at the aerial where it is at its strongest, making it much more effective than an amplifier fitted behind the TV. Single or multiple output masthead amplifiers receive their power up the coaxial cable from a small power supply unit (PSU) which is normally located near the TV, so no additional cables are needed as the existing TV feeder can be used. The power supply provides 9-12V DC for the masthead amp.


For Aerial installation and distribution in Tunbridge Wells, please call us on 07530 139889 or 01892 883213  for a no obligation survey and quote. 



Aerial Installation for Digital TV in Tunbridge Wells

Aerial Installation

Installation of aerials for the reception of Freeview (DTV) digital television signals in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood, Crowborough and the surrounding area.


New Aerial Installation
Installation of a new aerial suitable for digital reception in your area, this include mounting bracket, pole and down cable. The type of mount required will depend on where the aerial is to be positions, either a chimney bracket, also sometimes known as a cradle for chimney mounting or an H Mount for the side wall of a property.


Upgrade Aerial Installation
Upgrade of existing Aerial installation for Digital Television.
If you already have an aerial on your property and it has seen better days, it's likely that the mounting is usable and we would just need to change the aerial and sometimes the pole, you may also find the down cable needs replacing.


Loft Aerials
Loft mounted aerials are only recommended for strong signal areas, or where the addition of an amplifier will result in suitable signal strength, things such as the roof tiles, insulation and plumbing will degrade the signal.


Indoor Aerials
Indoor aerials are generally not suitable for digital television reception; however in areas of strong signal strength it is often possible to receive some transmissions.


The best position for a TV aerial is mounted outdoors, as high from the ground as possible, pointing directly at the transmitter. The signal can be blocked by hills and tall buildings. It should be positioned away from any other aerials.


Standard Aerials
The standard type of TV aerial is known as the Yagi aerial. It is mounted on a pole, and consists of a rod with a reflector at the back and many protruding elements at the front. The connecting cable connects to the element nearest the reflector, known as the driver.

The Yagi aerials are directional and so pick up signals best from a transmitter that the rod points towards. The more elements the aerial has, the better it picks up a signal and becomes more directional.


Wideband High Gain Aerials
These aerials are designed for poor digital reception areas, and have two reflectors. For maximum signal strength, some digital high gain aerials have up to 100 elements.

Log Periodic Aerials
With a flat gain response over the entire UHF range these aerials are ideal in good for good signal strength areas and are supplied with pre-fitted ‘F’ type cable connections. Suitable for digital TV reception including Freeview, YouView, BT Vision, Top-Up TV in the UK.


The signal from the aerial can feed a single room or multiple rooms with a splitter; a distribution amplifier is sometimes required depending on the signal strength received.


 For Aerial installation and upgrade in Tunbridge Wells, please call us on 07530 139889 or 01892 883213  for a no obligation survey and quote.



Level 2 COLOURCity and Guilds Level 2 Quailified Digital TV Aerial Installation. 




Television & System Setup in Tunbridge Wells


Equipment Setup

We offer a service to setup and connect your existing or new equipment to your new television set.

  • Attaching stands
  • Assembling TV cabinet
  • Tuning & Configuration
  • Tidying cables
  • Connecting to exisiting and new equipment.

Cable Spaghetti

With multiple entertainment devices such as Blu Ray Players, Games Consoles, Satellite Receivers and Streaming Boxes the cables can get very untidy and tried in knotts.

We offer the service to tidy your cables behind your television and video equipment, have everything neatly tied and labeled.


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